Monday, January 03, 2011

Holiday Snow

Christmas and the New Year past by in a blur of family. It seems like so much build up and preparation for a season that is over in a flash. We are taking down our tree today and it makes me a little sad. I have enjoyed sitting in the living room, with the warm cozy glow the lights give.

Okay, enough of that. Here are some cute pictures of my kids.

Playing in snow drifts at Government Camp. Wearing my gloves because we can't figure out mittens.

Baby in the Ergo baby. So overwhelmed by snow that she simply went to sleep.

We took a break from busyiness (yes, that is the made up word I want to use there) last Monday too go find snow. It was a cold, fun time. No snowshoeing this time, we just went to the mountain and let Caleb play in the snow then ate lunch at Huckleberry Inn. Caleb would have played longer but it was dark and baby was ready to go home. When he realized that we hadn't taken a picture of his snowman he tried to demand that we go back. Since traffic coming off the mountain was pretty heavy, we declined...Next time - we will definitely do that again.

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